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"Une Journée particulière de cinéma"

A Day in the Life of Robert Redford

A short documentary broadcast by Canal+ in March 1995, 

to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Cinema 

with 100 crews filming around the world...

Shot in Washington (D.C.) on September 13, 1994,

the day Robert Redford premiered his feature film 'Quiz Show'; 

with Agence Capa (Paris).

Media: Los Angeles Reporter-Correspondent for the French daily LE MONDE (Je ne suis pas un auteur "noir", entretien avec James Ellroy, Hors-série April 2014; We are safe on Mars!, August 2012, Winner of the 55th Southern California Awards, News, International Journalism); Architecture magazine ARCHI CRÉÉ; French & U.S. Televisions; Radio-Canada; L'information Immobilière (Switzerland)         

Publications:  Californie, Au pays des surfeurs, pas si cool, in Le Tour du Monde de la politesse, Denoël/Le Monde, 2012.

Téhéran Mars 1979, Avec caméra et sans voile, Les Temps Modernes n°661, Gallimard, 2010. 

Faut-il réviser la Constitution californienne? (Should the California Constitution be Revised?), Revue Pouvoirs n°133, La Californie, Le Seuil, 2010, Selected by, Winner of the 53rd Southern California Awards, International Journalism.  http://watchingamerica/News/73654/should-the-california-constitution-be-revised-3/ 


MAJESTUEUSE CALIFORNIE, Atlas, Paris, 1994 (photos Gérard Sioen)
Meravigliosa California, Istituto Geographico de Agostini, Italy, 1995
Kalifornien, Karl Müller Verlag, Germany, 1995

Liberty Paine, a story of Thomas Paine ©2009
Bird of Heavenly Blue (L'Oiseau Bleu), adapted from Marie-Catherine D'Aulnoy (in progress)

Cinema & Documentary:
"Democracy is a strange animal", Interview with Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Islamabad, Pakistan, 1989.
Co-director, Mouvement de Libération des Femmes Iraniennes Année Zéro, Tehran, March 1979.

English/French Translation: Official documents; Scripts; Subtitling, simulation and Q.C. of films, documentaries, television series.

FRENCH  TO ENGLISH SUBTITLES: TARR Béla, I used to be a film-maker, "Making of" The Turin Horse, documentary by Jean-Marc Lamoure, MPM Films/France.

FRENCH ADAPTATIONSFoxcatcher by Bennett Miller, Official selection, Cannes Film Festival 2014; Da Sweet Blood of Jesusfeature film by Spike Lee (2014);  KIVA, documentary by William Devin Walsh (2014); BAD 25, Spike Lee documentary on Michael Jackson (2012) Jack and Diane, Bradley Rust Gray (Locarno Film Festival 2012) The Central Park Five, Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, David McMahon (Cannes Film Festival 2012) Walk Away Renée, Jonathan Caouette (Cannes 2011, France release 2012) Gardens of the Night, Damian Harris (Prix de la Critique internationale, Deauville Film Festival 2008) The Pleasure of Being Robbed, Joshua Safdie (Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 2008) The War, Ken Burns (ep.2+7) (Cannes 2007) Never Apologize, a Personal Visit with Lindsay Anderson, Mike Kaplan (Cannes 2007) Bug Crush, Carter Smith (short, Cannes 2006) Tarnation, Jonathan Caouette (Directors Fortnight, Cannes 2004, France release 2006) Elephant, Gus Van Sant (Palme d’or, Cannes 2003) The Brown Bunny, Vincent Gallo (Official selection, Cannes 2003) Some Like it Hot, Billy Wilder (Billy Wilder DVD Collection, 2001) Napoleon Dynamite, Jared Hess; Valentino: The Last Emperor, Matt Tyrnauer; On The Doll, Thomas Mignone; Lady in the Water, M. Night Shyamalan; Lilies of the Field , Ralph Nelson; Tempesta, Tim Disney; Come Early Morning, Joey Lauren Adams; I am David, Paul Feig; The Olive Harvest, Hanna Elias; on DVD: Oscar and Lucinda, Blood Simple, Zero Effect, A Perfect Murder, Practical Magic, Home Fries, Bad Boys, Accidental Hero, Longtime Companion, F/X, Freejack, Paradise Canyon, Fail/Safe, Kill Me Again, Pop and Me, Blue Sky, The Long Gray Line, Moonlight and Valentino... "Making of": Save the Last Dance, Tequila Sunrise, L.A. Confidential, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Sphere, Lethal Weapon4... Television Series: The  A-Team, MacGyver, Buck Rogers, Charles in Charge, Kojak, Law and Order, Miami Vice, Northern Exposure, Quantum Leap…

Mouvement de libération des femmes iraniennes, Année Zéro:  in Tehran in March 1979, Iranian Women demonstrate against Ayatollah Khomeini's orders to wear the Islamic veil. Documentary in Farsi and French, 13 minutes, 16mm, Color; Interview with Kate Millett; Produced by Sylvina Boissonnas with Claudine Mulard, Michelle Muller and Sylviane Rey for Des femmes filment. The video has circulated  spontaneously on the Internet since March 2009.

Read the "making of"  this historical documentary: Téhéran, Mars 1979, Avec caméra et sans voile, Journal de tournage" (Tehran March 1979, a Camera and no Veil), by Claudine Mulard, in Les Temps Modernes n°661, Gallimard, Paris, 2010.

Associated Press photo of the March 11, 1979 press conference in suport of the women's demonstration scheduled in Tehran the next day; from left to right: Kate Millett, Claudine Mulard, Sylvina Boissonnas.